Rowena Ravenclaw prized a quick mind. Wit and cleverness are the traits that you think of when you think about Ravenclaw House. While it's true that we've got a lot of brain power, there's more to HEX Ravenclaws than smarts.

Our common room is constantly filled with chatter, from deep, thought-provoking conversations to lighthearted talk about an assortment of different subjects. Ravenclaws seem to always have something to say, and that keeps us busy. It also means that we're a very social bunch, and our threads move quickly.

Ravenclaw also has a lot to offer its members. A plethora of subforums await you, from the dorms, to the Study Forum (of course), and especially our Treehouse, which is home to all sorts of creative endeavors.

It's important to note that we're also a competitive house. We fight hard for the House Cup every term. It starts with doing our homework, but goes far beyond that. Our creativity lends itself to entering all kinds of contests around the site to help our house win points.

But of course, it's not all about winning. More than anything, we compete to push ourselves. We like to see just how far our talents can take us, and love to challenge ourselves to try new or especially difficult things.

The most important thing, however, is probably the positive atmosphere you'll find in our common room. We love welcoming new members and getting to know each other. Our common room is an extremely positive space; we're sure you'll enjoy it.
AdministratorsJohn, Enyra, Motherof3, Rose, Ry240,
StaffAthenniene Cromwell, Edmundus, Greenjelly, Jessica, LinSpinner, Sammy, TheHarpy, Zoe (House Admin)
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Head Students: Hazel Dust, Marvinater123
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