True to the books, we are a very loyal bunch who believe in making friends and keeping them, working hard and partying at the slightest chance. We accept everyone who comes to us and make them one of our own. A true Hufflepuff is open-minded and believes that the means is more important than the end. Oh yes, a Hufflepuff is also pretty chilled out. We're here to have fun and enjoy everything that Hogwarts has to offer.

We are one of the most active houses on HEX, thanks to the enthusiastic members and a staff that strives to keep things moving. A newbie is almost always squished with welcomes and stuffed with cookies. Cookies, btw, are a solution to all our problems as well as our celebration food.

Don't take our warmth for granted, though. You don't want to be faced with an angry group of badgers. Oh, and never threaten our sett, or you'll be doused in vinegar.
StaffAimnorth(Asst. Admin), Brandon(Admin), BiologicallyBeth (Head Student), Sasuke_Uchiha
Gmodsspringjokat (Badger Sargent) Koumori72, Ilostmyleftshoe, Nick, Katie Belby, Miss Padfoot,
ModsAlyssa Whitten, Nelly
AdditionalHouse Staff
Admin: Brandon
Assistant Admin: Aimnorth
Head Student: BiologicallyBeth
Badger Sargent: springjokat

Prefects: apriltiger23, autumnsunsets, Krysal Dragon, Lupin Sirius, Queenie, Quira