The Magical Education Administration is a group of users who dedicate themselves year-round to bringing the users of HEX the awesome experience of being able to attend Magical classes at Hogwarts.

We spend our time developing careers and classes, devising lesson plans and schedules, and hand-picking teachers from among the many who apply to work in the school. We engage the teachers in online training to help standardize the quality of lessons HEX students can expect, and proof-read lessons to ensure the best possible experience for all students.

Many of us also teach classes here on HEX, and work as Teacher Assistants (TA), grading homework submissions throughout the term. We also approve new class ideas, so if you have an idea for a class that you'd like to see offered on HEX, we'd love to hear from you!
StaffCoordinators: Aelwyn, LinSpinner, Jess, Kasey, Zoe
ModsModerators: a very happy start, aria nicole, Canadian_Koshka, CustardApple, Emma, iris_spells, Kato, Kianna, Louise, Luna, midnightpurple90, Miss Padfoot, ninjathief77, OceanOak, RowenaObsidian, Silver Holly
AdditionalM.E. Coder: Cake, Samuel, WynnWen, zdavudoglu
Secretary: Elena Henderson, Enyra, Mama Philly
TA Management: AvisCat27815, Rikke