Where dwell the brave at heart, that's our place. Though really, beyond the daring, courage and chivalry, Gryffindors are a bunch of misfits united by our love of adventure and perseverance to protect the things we love most.

Contrary to the stereotype that bravery is measured by one's strength or brawn, we are set apart by the greatness of our resolve. Our duty is to our heart that sometimes we rush into things without an actual plan and just wing it. Crazy, right? Spontaneity is what keeps us going; after all, change is the only thing that's constant.

Just as the Harry Potter canon demonstrated, Hogwarts Extreme Gryffindor is a hodgepodge of interesting users. We value friendships and bonds among most, and you'll find it easy to fit in here.

Whether you are knowledgeable and skillful like Dumbledore, reckless like Harry, determined like Neville, intelligent and resourceful like Hermione, or just plainly mischievous and fun like Fred and George, Gryffindor is where you truly belong.

And we need you desperately. Why? Because Gryffindor is under the dictatorship of an Evil Kitten. Save us.
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Head Students: Cat, Jen0826
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