Social Networking includes all of the HEX accounts on social networking sites. We currently have active accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter. These pages are updated regularly with news, quotes, graphics from the site, and other information.

We also have a forum where we have contests and incentives: /f/125
StaffAthenniene Cromwell, little fox (Junior Staff )
GmodsLipster and Nick
ModsAndrea, Ann_16, FoxRiver, mint, and SarahTheAirplane

Forum Accounts: Social Media and Arthurs Fellytone
AdditionalContent Creators:
Facebook: Lipster (Lead)
Instagram: little fox (Lead)
Pinterest: Wolfdragon2008
Tumblr: Athenniene Cromwell (Lead)
Twitter: Nick (Lead) and Jen0826