Publications Management is a team of individuals who strive to make each of the main site publications, The Daily Prophet, The Quibbler, and the Wizarding Wireless Network, the best they can be.

We check each issue or broadcast before it is published to make sure that it adheres to HEX standards and guidelines. In addition, we do a final quality check for grammar and flow before releasing the publication.

Publications Management pays attention to the tedious so that the talented publication staff can concentrate on the entertainment. Last but not least, we also endeavor to bring fun to The Newsstand.
StaffArtemis Eve, Nicole2013, starrystar (Junior Staff)
ModsCrimsonAshDragon, snakesnitch43, Artemus_Clarke, Lisa_Meowfoy
AdditionalThe Quibbler
Editor: Zoe
Assistant Editor: AllTheFeels
Graphics & Coding: Sara, Julieexann

Directors: Lu, Ollivandra
Consultant: Nicole2013

The Daily Prophet
Editor: Rosie_May
Assistant Editor: snowleetah
Graphics & Coding: Rachel McAdams