Role-Playing on Hogwarts Extreme is one of the most popular parts of the site. You can role-play in almost any forum, but there are a few forums that are dedicated specifically to RPing. For example, all of the Grounds forums are role-play only, and each Common Rooms has a role-playing forum for the members of its house.

Of particular note is the Role-Play Central, which is the RPing hub of HEX. This is one of the most active forums on the site, if not the most active. You can find just about anything to role-play in this forum, including Harry Potter (of course).

The RPC has a couple of sub-forums to support it. First, there is the RPC Lounge. In this forum, you can discuss potential role-plays with other users, look for a RP partner, or come up with new role-play ideas.

The Roleplay Teaching Center is currently open for students to enroll and learn how to roleplay or enhance their skills.
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