Magical Games & Sports are a huge part of the race for the House Cup. Do you have a knack for shooting the Quaffle, bashing the Bludger, or spotting the Snitch? Can you defeat any opponent with just a flick of your wand? Or perhaps your silver tongue is your weapon, used to argue your way to supremacy? Then you've got what it takes to be a part of Magical Games & Sports.

Our department manages Quidditch, Dueling, and Debate, which are the three sports that take place during the school term. Teams are selected by the house and compete against opposing houses for glory and House Points throughout the year.

Both Quidditch and Dueling are based in role-playing, while the Debate Forum, instead of having verbal, timed debates, utilizes the forum-based features of Hogwarts Extreme and replaces the time limit with a word limit. Writing is the name of the game as far as HEX sports go.

If you're interested in being on one of your house teams, check with your House Admin or one of the members of your House Staff to find out when the next batch of try-outs will be held. And even if you don't make the team, you can practice with other users and hone your skills for next time while utilizing our rules of play.
GmodsIlostmyleftshoe & Ragna Lokisdottir
ModsKyMarieMalfoy, Fred Weasley 12, Pyper, friend harry, Kate Foxwolf
AdditionalPitch Lead: Ragna Lokisdottir
Magical Games Lead: TheHarpy
Quidditch Lead: Ilostmyleftshoe
Dueling Lead: N/A