Magical Games & Sports is a huge part of the race for the House Cup. Do you have a knack for shooting the Quaffle, bashing the Bludger, or spotting the Snitch? Can you defeat any opponent with just a flick of your wand? Or perhaps your fun game-playing side keeps you coming back? Then you've got what it takes to be a part of Magical Games & Sports.

Our department manages The Quidditch Pitch, Quidditch League, Dueling League, and Kraken Quests, which all take place throughout the year. Teams and players are determined according to the rules per League or Game, so be sure to read carefully about how to get involved.

The Quidditch Pitch is moderated by a small team that produces easy activities and discussions. Both Quidditch and Dueling are based on role-playing, while Kraken Quests uses forum based games to create a fun minigame for all. Despite the format, we believe MG&S has something for everybody.

If you're interested in getting involved, reach out to any of the area Staff or Lead GMods to learn more about our Pillars and what we do to bring the magic of the Harry Potter games and sports to life on HEX.
ModsKyMarieMalfoy, friend harry, Kate Foxwolf
AdditionalPitch Lead: TheHarpy
Magical Games Lead: TheHarpy
Quidditch Lead: Ilostmyleftshoe
Dueling Lead: TheHarpy