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Real Name: Camila
Location: Florida
Join Date: May 30, 2020
Responsibilities: Publications Management, Magical Education, WWN, SCA, RPC TC, Diversity Committee
How do you spend your time when not on HEX? I like to spend my time watching anime, shows on Netflix, the CW. I enjoy reading in my free time too! Mostly fiction though. I like to keep away from reality. :look: However, I also love camping and hiking so don't think I live in my room 24/7....even though it looks that way.
How did you become interested in Harry Potter? The first book I ever read was Maximum Ride and in one of my searches to find another good book to read I thought to read Harry Potter because I had already seen the first film and LOVED it!
Favorite movies: Kiki's Delivery Service and all the Narnia films <3
Favorite food: Warm Chocolate chip cookies! I lurv sweets. ^_^
Fun Fact: I once skipped my History class because I was in line for a balloon animal. It was an adorable Turtle!


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