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Real Name: Doc
Location: USA
Joined Staff: March 21, 2020
Responsibilities: Shopping Forums, Economy (Holidays)
How do you spend your time when not on HEX? I am a pretty boring person honestly. XD I am addicted to horror films so I spend a lot of time trying to catch up on the latest ones. I also love playing games with friends and listening to music.
How did you become interested in Harry Potter? When I was in fifth grade it was required to read the first book. I was kind of hesitant about it because I was more into things like the Goosebumps series and not really a huge reader of anything else, but I fell in love with the series and have been addicted ever since.
Favorite movies: Cabin Fever, Juno, Ghost World, Thirteen, The Breakfast Club, The Sacrament.. anything horror.
Favorite food: Mexican food.
Fun Fact: I have been a vegetarian for over ten years.


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