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:: Rare (Main) Collections ::

-- -- Weapons and Poisons -- -- -- Publications and Quills -- --

:: Other Collections ::

-- -- Artsy Stuff -- -- Trunks -- -- Newt Scamander -- -- Pretties -- -- Jars -- -- Spectacles --

-- -- Rita Skeeter -- -- Misc. Charms and Sentimental items -- --

:: Junk Collections ::

-- -- Coffee (5927) -- -- Coffee Every Flavor Beans (4618 ) -- --


Nearly Headless Nick's Rapier

Antique Blade

Executioner's Axe

Coffee Every Flavor Bean


Medieval Flail

Centaur's Bow

Centaur's Salute To Dumbledore

Centaur's Quiver

Cupid's Quiver

Cupid's Bow

Cupid's Crystals

Cupids Arrow Charm

Cupid's Arrow

Firenze's Bow and Arrow Charm

Hagrid's Crossbow

Winged Catapult

Frying Pan

Merperson Spear

Probity Probe

Bellatrix's Whip

Flying Daggers

Dragon Dagger

Dumbledore's Knife

Sirius' Penknife

Bloody Baron's Dagger

Wormtail's Silver Dagger

Gringotts Goblin Dagger

Set of Rusty Daggers

Morfin's Bloody Knife

Butcher Knife

Carving Knife

Enchanted Razor

Vernon's Shotgun

Peeves' Blunderbuss

Potion No. 86

Lobalug Venom

Moonseed Poison

Angel's Trumpet Draught

Dragon Poison

Alihotsy Draught

Enchanted Musical Suit of Armor

Dragon Fire Repelling Shield

Dragon In a Cage

Slytherin Dogtags

Azkaban Prisoner Shackle

Mockingjay Token

McGonagall's Patronus

Lily's Patronus

Slytherin House Ring

Valentine Teddy Bear

Draco's Owl Plushie

Erumpent Plushie

Newt Scamander's Wand

Newt Scamander's Trunk

Albus Potter's School Trunk

Rose Weasley's School Trunk

Scorpius Malfoy's School Trunk

Enchanted Art Kit

Luna's Paint-Splattered Apron

Luna's Paints Charm

Moon Frog

The Granger Girl Action Figure

Flowers for Maxime

Violetta Black's Butterfly Comb

Cedric's Watch

Bill's Earring

Bill's Head Boy Badge

Pile of Rubies

A Jar of Blue Flames

Jar of Fireflies

Snow In A Jar

Jar Of Moonstones

Jar of Vampire Fangs

Powdered Horn of Bicorn

Jumping Snakes

Salt Water Taffy

Glacial Snowflakes

Frosty the Snowman

Unicorn's Blood

Interdepartmental Memos

Infinity Charm

Lucky Cat Charm

Mermaid Charm

Gold Friendship Charm - Left

Hex Kiss Charm

Huggy Bear

Fortune Token

Arthur's Reading Glasses

Harry's Glasses

McGonagall's Square Spectacles

Percy's Glasses

Trelawney's Glasses

Rita Skeeter's Jeweled Spectacles

Rita In a Jar

Rita Skeeter's Handbag

Rita's Quick-Quotes Quill

The Daily Prophet

The Quibbler

Luna's Quibbler

Witch Weekly

Dumbledore's Knitting Magazine

Albus Dumbledore Remembered Article

Weasley's Egypt Vacation DP Clipping

Harry/Hermione DP Article

Hagrid's Daily Prophet Article

Sirius Black's Escape Article

Bellatrix Lestrange's Wanted Poster

Witch Weekly's Smile Award

WWN Christmas Hits

Slytherin Writing Set

Autographed Magical Me

Madam Pince's Log Book

Homework Planner

Hermione's Arithmancy Homework


Weird Sisters Poster

Pranks & Protection: A Wizarding Handbook


Creevey's Camera

Daily Prophet Camera

Arthur's Remington Noiseless Portable Typewriter

JK Rowling's Signature

Lockhart's Signature

Quill of Acceptance

Gold Quill 2015

Gold Quill 2014

Godric's Quill

Helga's Quill

Rowena's Quill

Madam Pince's Writing Quill

Peacock-Feather Quill

White Peacock Feather

Peacock Plushie

Tom Riddle's Quill

Phoenix-Feather Quill

Pheasant-Feather Quill

Second-Hand Quill

Draco's Quill

Luna's Purple Quill

Malfunctioning Self-Inking Quill

Dean Thomas' Quill

Smart-Answer Quill

Dolores Umbridge's Quill

Umbridge's Detention Quill

Percy's Stenography Quill

Harry's Eagle-Feather Quill

Hogwarts Magic Quill

Spell-Checking Quill

Rainbow Quill

Gold Quill

Quill Charm

Quidditch Whistle Charm

Quaffle Charm

Quidditch Goggles Charm

Seamus' Claddagh Charm

Dragon Charm Box

Hexaversary Badge - One Year

Hexaversary Badge - Two Years

Hexaversary Badge - Three Years

Hexaversary Badge - Four Years

Hexaversary Badge - Five Years

Gold Charm Bracelet

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