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Arts & Graphics Forum Featured Artwork of the Month (January)

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Welcome to Artwork Of The Month, just a recap, myself or Kim look through graphics posted in A&G Forum and choose the one we think stands out.

[center][size=3][color=#603311]January's Artwork of the Month was created by JamesLondon

This graphic was made for the current Hex's Next Top Graphics Designer Contest, and i think it was a great interpretation of the theme, making a poster for a classic book if it were to be a movie. The colors and textures really suit the images and is a lovely piece to look at, if i saw this poster it would definately make me want to watch the movie. I also love the text used and how it is used in this image.

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I most definitely agree with this <3
When I was looking through the entries this one really stuck with me. I love the placement and the image choice and the entire 'feel' of this graphic.
I was also inspired by the immense attention to detail and how every single inch of the canvas was perfect. The stocks fit together perfectly, as though this was a photograph taken and not a graphic superimposed together.
In fact, I was impatient for the results to come out just so I can credit James when I save this to my inspiration folder. XD

TL;DR - loveloveLOVEEEE this <3

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Fantastic work, James! I think this is the best that I've seen you do so far and that's saying a lot. xD


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I am a HUUUGE fan of this image! Fantastic work indeed!

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This is just simply amazing. One of the best graphics I have ever seen in Hex. <33

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[color=#efa78a]Love love love this piece :3

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I have never read the novel but this is tempting me to read it.

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O_O wow. I am speechless. Applaud applaud.

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